In the US, a cord of firewood is generally equivalent to 128 cubic feet. Basically 4 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 8 feet deep. Buying “green” firewood is more work than buying split firewood — you’ll need to split it and then store it for drying. …

In the year 1837, Michigan was admitted to the Union as the 26th state. Nearby, in the state of Illinois, the inventor John Deere began his agricultural implement company. He named it John Deere, probably after himself. The first electric motor was patented by Thomas Davenport on February 25th. Vroom!

John James Audubon was born in 1785 in a little country known as Haiti. As a baby he moved to France, I’m assuming with some help, and lived there until he was 18, when he emigrated to the United States. I’m guessing this is like 1803 due to math.


Photo by Jan Meeus on Unsplash

Take better than half the population of people in this country and tell them to stop learning. Tell them they can’t do math or science or reading. They can’t invent things or improve society and they really shouldn’t participate in the systems of politics or entrepreneurship. Start this process shortly…

a valentine’s day heart tin laying in snow
That’s a heart pan in snow. I took that in Cincinnati, OH. Happy Valentine’s Day.

There are countless blog posts and guides dedicated to working Agile DevOps into your team. There are posts on how to measure MTTR (mean time to repair) and CFR (change failure rate). There are posts on how to measure velocity and team throughput. There are posts on what makes a…

John David Back

Peanut butter first, code second.

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