Free to a good home. Or bad home. Either one.

Where do you live?

Me, I live in the kind of place where you might go to bed and everything is perfectly normal and you feel entirely safe in your own skin and when you wake up in the morning there is a cat hair-covered La-Z-Boy from the 1970’s sitting on the sidewalk in front of your apartment. Is this the kind of America we can expect from now on?

If you would like this chair, which is somehow upholstered in a patterned corduroy, it’s yours! Just bring a car large enough and a friend strong enough to lug it off the sidewalk and out of my life forever.

Also, I want to know you. You who would take a strange furry chair from a stranger’s street. You who would willingly sweat into a chair literally upholstered in corduroy.

If you don’t like this chair, like me, then just leave it there and try to ignore it, sidestepping it on your way in and out of your gate, while hoping that it doesn’t stay there long enough to get soaked with rain or snow and then left all winter long, eventually housing a small family of jovial but protective raccoons.

Anyhow, I also saw this thing, so if you want it you can also have it.

As more things come up I will be sure to post about them!

Peanut butter first, code second.