My next job: 18th century Connecticut farmer

Understanding Nature

  • Various different kinds of birds and their temperaments
  • How to chastise cows who are acting greedy
  • How to track bees to their hives
  • The values of hornet nests in homes
  • What tame wild pigeon is and why every farmer in Connecticut has one
  • What various pigeons I’ve caught have eaten by gutting them and examining their stomach contents
  • How to cut open the mouth of a kingfisher bird after I have shot it out of a tree and then freeing 171 bees, 40-or-so of which will come back to life and return to their hive
  • How to safely seat my infant son on a plow while I work in a way that he doesn’t fall to the ground and get trampled by an ox

Doing it all on my own — with absolutely no help aside from my inheritance

In Conclusion, my next career move is set




Peanut butter first, code second.

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John David Back

John David Back

Peanut butter first, code second.

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