Three years of being boring, kind of

Heineken Brewery, August 25th, 2015

I don’t think I am an alcoholic, but I love(d) to drink

I’m too good at it. I can have a ton of drinks. It’s really one of my greatest skills. The unfortunate part about that skill is it never, ever, ever has positive outcomes for people like me. I don’t have 2 cocktails and a great evening of conversation at a party. I have 2 cocktails and then 4 beers and then 4 cocktails and I wake up on the kitchen floor of my friend Chris’ apartment.

Munich, Germany, a couple of days before the end

Since then I’ve improved, I think

I got my writing published locally. I got a new job and promoted a couple of times. I had a kid. I bought a house. I paid off my car. I paid down all my debts (before the house, of course). I put some money in the bank, and some in the market. I made a few dollars. I read a dozens and dozens of books. I got in shape, I lost weight. I stopped losing friends to saying and doing dumb shit.



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