Tips to Surviving WFH During a Social Lockdown


Move your body around

Exercise is the first thing to go when you’re at home. You’re used to walking to and from the car/train/office. Now you walk from your bed to the toilet to the kitchen to the desk. 100 steps max unless you live in a lavish estate or castle. Take time in the morning before you start to get your body moving.

  1. Pandemic Burpee Ladder — every day of the lockdown, do a burpee, adding one each day. So on the first day, do 1 burpee. On day two, do 2 burpees. Day three, do 3. And so on! On the tenth day, you will have done 55 total burpees. Not bad!
  2. Walk around your neighborhood at lunch time. Just don’t touch or kiss any strangers you might see. Breathe that deep outside air.
  3. Every half hour stand up and do 10 jumping jacks. Even if you are on a video conference.

Do Crafts! Color, paint, draw, sing, play music, build Legos

Yesterday I went to Michael’s (while liberally dousing myself in hand sanitizer every five minutes) and got paint and foam board. I cut out pictures of fashion people from a magazine and glue-sticked them to the foam board, then with my 3 year old we painted wild sh*t.

fashion on foam board

Read Books and Long-form Articles

This is a great time to spend time building up that smart brain. Grab some books off the shelf or on the kindle or the literary magazine and stretch things out. If you want some recommendations, look at the books I read last year. You’ll love some of them. Or, ping me in the comments for suggestions.

Ten of the books I read last year… all good!

Keep a Pandemic Journal

I am already a fastidious journaler, writing something every night before bed about my day. I have started to write at the top “First Sunday of the Pandemic…” etc. It’s kind of ominous but I know that one day if I survive this I am going to be happy that I did it. Writing a few sentences every day about what you felt, what you did and saw, etc, is hugely enabling. Not only does it help you put words to your experience, it also helps you think more objectively about the world around you.

Call people on the telephone

Texting is fun and good. But what about picking up the phone and calling mom/dad/cousin/friend/colleague/state representatives and talking to them? For many of us this would be hella novel. Now, when I was young we watched Dawson’s Creek while talking on the phone. But today I only get on the phone when it’s for a WebEx. I called my grandma just to chat. She hated it, but that’s fine!

Don’t succumb to fear, but be a good citizen

You have a duty of care not only to yourself and those immediately around you, but to your fellow citizen. If you can help someone in need, a neighbor, a relative, do that. Bring over food or cleansers. Just be very careful you are not a vector for infection. Stay out of stores if you can. Is this all going to blow over and we will feel ridiculous? Maybe. Hopefully. But what if we don’t? What if we march this disease through to something worse? Don’t be that gal or guy.



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