Travel has been cool for at least 202 years

In the year 1819, 202 years ago as of this writing, an American that is long dead wrote an essay about travel, kind of, called The Author’s Account of Himself. This essay was about the author, Washington Irving. He was alive at the time of writing.

I really want to turn the content in this essay into a meaningful blog post with an inspiring message but it’s like 2 pages long and not really about anything.

He likes America, and liked to look around his town a lot when he was small. Okay, that’s cool, I get it. Then he kind of gets into talking about how if Europeans are so damn good, then Europe itself has to be incredible. All right, interesting turn, I see you. I guess.

Then he kind of talks about how other travelers carry a pencil and make a bunch of sketches, but that he himself will write about the places he goes to. Maybe he’s the first American Travel Writer? Maybe he is a guy who curates good experiences like a sommelier curates good wine.

He did write the stories “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle” which, if you know them, are famous. I think there’s even a Johnny Depp movie about Sleepy Hollow. Also that is the name of the cemetery where he’s buried. Irving, not Johnny Depp.

The takeaway for me here on this one is that we should travel, yes, and also we should write. We should both write and travel. And in doing so, we can channel our own Washington Irving, who traveled and wrote, and lived 200ish years ago but now is dead.

Thank you for your time.

Peanut butter first, code second.

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